Field Tripping Sat 2nd May

Good Sunday to all my fellow Dirty Grinders 😉

What a plethora of field trips we had to choose from for our Saturday entertainment, decided to start my evening with the delectable Winston @ HeartBeats, Winston was on top form as always, delighting me with my favourite of his Walkin Home’, perfect choice for the start of my Saturday evening 😉

My next and turned out final field trip of the night, took me somewhere a little unexpected….. when choosing the delightful duo of KatRose and DennyMac my thoughts were merely of that sweet voice of Kat and beautiful acoustic finger work of Denny.

Little attention did I pay to where I was going…… Gods House of Prayer, a gorgeous open waterfront worship area, not a venue I would normally visit admittedly.

Kat and Denny did not disappoint with some lovely worship songs and very glad I stuck around to listen and get a little thoughtful 🙂 and forgive me Denny for did not snap a picture including yourself but Kat is just far prettier 😉

Alas the need for sleep meant could not keep my eyes open late enough to catch my favourite lunatic Ms Beth Odets @ Ascalon so shall post a picture from her set at the Grind on Thursday evening, awww she looks rather sweet in this one I think……..

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