Weekly Grindings

Hope all you Dirty Grinders have had a fabulous week, we certainly have here at The Dirty Grind. Woah what a week, starting with 5 incredible hours last Sunday evening.

Lyndon Heart kicked off the weeks live shows superbly, such a glorious tone to this gentleman voice and wonderfully romantic original songs.

Next up was the incredible Sassy Nitely, sassy and sweet describes her beautifully, a real treat during the second half with a surprise dual stream with Lyndon.

The Vinnie Show debut followed, an impassioned performance, very much looking forward to hearing more of on the Grind stage.

Reggie Sunset took the stage next, a delight as always but the real treat with Reggie came next with a dual stream with DennyMac, two wonderful acoustic artists in dual stream what could have been a better finale to Sunday evening?………

Wednesday brought us the incomparable TerryLynn Melody kicking off the night, remember you can still get votes in on ArtistSignal https://artistsignal.com/terrylynnmelody

Gypsy Dhrua took the stream from TerryLynn, such soul in that voice is always a delight to hear. 

Dusty Smythe followed, wow what a sexy voice, astounded could of missed this performer all this time, not anymore…….. 😉

Wednesdays finale was Ke Aloha, gorgeous voice and beautiful soul, never fails to stir the emotions. Simply perfect end to the evening……..

Thursday started with the fantastic Suzen Juel, a true delight always full of energy and enthusiasm. Just the way to kick of the evening.

Beth Odets nervously took the stream after finding out would be flying solo without Matthew for the evening, but true to form the entertainer in her took over and didn’t disappoint, although by the end of the hour my sides hurt from laughter.

Grace McDunnough took to the stage for the next hour, giggling, thankyou Beth, incredible voice, such depth and range, an amazing performance as always.

Our finale for the week was Anidi Huet, simply beautiful voice, a truly special finale towards the end of her set, showcasing her originals, and we were lucky enough to have her go over time with extras 🙂

Whew…. what a week, hope to see you for this next one……Starting tomorrow at 6pm with Red Heavens album release…….for now time to relax. 

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