Field Tripping 6th & 8th May

Hello again my fellow field tripping Grinders, hope you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend 🙂

A field trip schedule full to bursting this week, but alas I couldn’t attend them all………..

My first field trip foray of the week too me to Shannon Oherlihy’s Chill Area, on Tuesday evening, a lovely little beach side spot, cozy little camp fire, really intimate setting which indeed suits Shannon’s music very well. Her originals are both delightful and intensely personal I always feel when listening, with Standing Sill a favorite.

My next two field trip attendances were Friday, the first to Surfside Hideaway, a great little venue and and a warm welcome is always guaranteed by the lovely Desi and DC. The performer? none other than my favourite fiddle slut in the whole wide world, Beth Odets (in a t-shirt reading ‘I Don’t Hate Matthew Perrault’??). The sweet voiced lunatic never fails to entertain and put a smile on my face, her album ‘I’m Not Matthew’ a mixture of deep, hilarious and downright naughty original songs, with a couple of original, instrumental pieces on her violin, Celtic Thing is simply beautiful.

My final field trip took me to our sister venue Hotel Chelsea, the infamous mecca of bohemia, to listen to the delightful voice of Anidi Huet, the first few seconds I ever listened to this ladies wonderful voice I melted. Such a beautiful falsetto, the covers she makes her own and her originals are delightful, I thoroughly encourage to Anidi to make her originals available online, I’ll be first in the queue to purchase.

Hope to see all you fellow dirty Grinders out field tripping soon, have a great week ahead full of fun and remember support indie music!  

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