The Grind & Me

Hello fellow Dirty Grinders, thought I would share something a little different today……….

As many regulars may have noticed, there is a new face in recent months at The Grind, mine 🙂 I’m SapphFire, hostess and manager, yes I am the winged creature who if you are a regular visitor to our live music nights, will have greeted and spelt you name wrong on at least one occasion 😉 my apologies.

I first found Jasmines Hollow and subsequently The Dirty Grind a while ago off the SL destination guide, explored the sim a few times and always enjoyed when I could visit on live music nights. Although described by Lisa and Ian as an Adirondack steampunk destination, I always loved the whimsical touches around the sim, and myself have always characterised as steampunk whimsy, sorry you guys 😉

One day this late January I saw a group post, asking for a hostess, in an effort to be more social and a genuine affection for this particular venue and sim, I contacted Lisa and Ian, It wasn’t long at all before I was nervously hosting my first evening at The Grind. I thank you all for the warm welcome of my new face and forgiveness of my screw ups. Luckily I already knew live music nights are always sure be filled will great music, awesome people and lots of laughter here 😉

Lisa and Ian are such a wonderful, generous, kind and genuine couple to know and work with, giving little old homeless me a cottage on Jasmines Hollow too 🙂 A few months ago I was both honoured and overjoyed to be asked if would like the position as Manager of The Grind.

I found something so much more than I could of ever imagined in my short time here so far, a wonderful community, new friends and some awesome new artists to enjoy. Is very rewarding to be a small cog in the workings of something rather special here on Jasmines Hollow. I have really enjoyed and relished the opportunity Lisa and Ian have given me in being part of the growing community here, which is what The Dirty Grind and Radio Grind is all about, the community of fabulous auditory and visual artists and those awesome people who appreciate.

To grow further we are in need of those awesome individuals with a passion for art and live music to help with hosting live events and contributors for our blog, as we expand hours and nights at The Dirty Grind and grow of community of performers and artists. If you are interested in becoming a gear in the workings of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community we would love to hear from you.

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