Weekly Grindings

Our week at the Dirty Grind kicked off Monday evening with our special event the Red Heaven – Moth album release party and live listen.

Wednesday saw the start of our live performances for the week, kicked off in grand grind style by The Vinnie Show. Vinnie truly pours his heart and soul into his performances, such a joy to listen too.

Next to take the stream was the fabulous Winston Ackland, as always a true delight to catch a show, always hopeful for his cover of Psycho Killer, and Wednesday he did not disappoint.

Kinagree-Smith with Ira too were up for the next hour, am eclectic sound sensation these three, what is it that is so memorizing when they sing The Bad Touch?

Our finale for the night, Ren Enberg and Quai Franklin, Ren’s voice is sassy, soulful and simply a delight to listen too, a perfect way to end the evening.

Thursday kicked off with ‘The Matthew Show’ is true when they say there is no-one like Matthew, his shows and originals are unique and inspired, I do so enjoy his performances and irreverent take on life.

EffinJay, the Frogg and Jaycatt took the stage next, these two a long-time favourite of mine, a repertoire of beautiful originals, with a smattering of selected covers, always such a joy to catch these guys.

Last up for the evening, Mr Benski Korhonen, the mix of music always eclectic, from ragtime to classic rock, his originals are such fun, just like Benski himself, always smile a little brighter when he dedicates a song to ‘all the ladies’……

Hope to see all you Dirty Grinders during our next amazing week! Hours are extending at The Dirty Grind, keep your eye’s peeled for our additional live performances!

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