Field Tripping

Good weekend Dirty Grinders, what a wonderful week of field tripping……

My field tripping week started with the fabulous Vinnie on Monday afternoon. A new performer to the Grind and myself, Vinnie passion for music really comes across in his shows, alas RL dragged me away too quickly (people were hungry and threatening to cut my internet….;-) but was lucky enough to catch half a set at a new venue, LA Metro, late Saturday night (actually was dawn for me ;-).

Tuesday took me to our sister venue Hotel Chelsea to listen to the delightful voice of Ms Phemie Alcott, a firm favourite of mine, exquisite piano work accompanies her rich beautiful voice, her Ep Raising the Black contains 3 wonderful original tracks, Chaos, Hard to Believe and My Heart is a Rogue.

The night followed with Doug Lind at the Pier, Doug is Scottish, a fellow Celt, always a great show from Doug, his originals emotional and heartfelt and I do so enjoy when he sings Caledonia.

Wednesday I caught a field trip before our lives shows commenced for the evening at The Dirty Grind. This time to Commune Utopia and Gweeb, sun a fun performer to catch with upbeat originals like Fried Egg Sandwich (with Bacon Marmalade) and Haven’t kissed you yet is a show sure to put a smile on your face.

Friday took me to Surfside once again to listen to the amazing acoustic work of Bat Masters, who will be returning to The Dirty Grind this Thursday at 4pm, another newer performer to myself but what have caught so far am very much looking forward to hearing more of.

Saturday field trips contained a very special fund-raising event, Phemie Alcott Presents: !ndustry for Nepal, 8 ½ hours of awesome musicians and dj’s performed to raise money, included in the myriad of performers the amazing Phemie herself. Alas I wish could have been there for it all but did make it for a couple of hours and caught our fabulous Anidi Huet. Over 420K was raised in lindens for Nepal, an incredible achievement.

Heres to a a fabulous accomplishment by Phemie et al of !ndustry for Nepal, and to another great week of indie music ahead……..

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