Weekly Grindings

Our week kicked off here at the Grind last Sunday evening with Phemie Alcott, RL meant I was late to the party, but luckily for me she had yet to sing my personal favourite from her new EP Raising the Black, Chaos, always such a treat to hear Phemie perform live.

Lyndon Heart took the stage next, always delights with his covers and mixture of heartfelt and fun originals, Never the Same Girl Twice in particular an original I have much affection for.

DennyMac was up next, beautiful acoustic work accompanies this rich voice that seems to speak to your heart, although my tastes in his originals run toward the food group, with Wild Strawberries a beautiful piece of pure instrumental and Pizza a fun song sure to make you smile.

Next up was the fabulous Billy Thunders, such a sexy soulful voice, a wealth of originals have yet to hear them all, the heartfelt lyrics of From an Honest Place and Where I’ve Been from the 2012 Album Stones are personal favourites so far.

Reggie Sunset was our finale for Sunday evening, another fabulous performer with a great catalogue of original work, my Way Back Home a simply beautiful ballad that never fails to stir the emotions.

Wednesday kicked off with Gypsy Druha, a warm soulful, unique voice, a variety of musical styles is expected at a Druha performance with entertaining originals and personalized acoustic covers. Body Heat a current favourite of her originals.

The beautiful and sweet voice of Shannon Oherlihy took the stream next, always a delight to hear a performance. Shannon creates contemporary folk music with rich vocals and songs that resonate with a strong sense of the human experience.

Ke Aloha was our finale for Wednesday evening, Ke pours his heart and soul into each performance and never fails to connect on a very personal level with his audience and this performance was no exception and truly an emotional one.

Thursday kicked off with my favourite fiddle slut Ms Beth Odets. Beth is a classically trained concert violinist, as expected an eclectic mix of covers and original work at one of Beth’s performances, along with laughter.

Matthew took the stage next, unique and often irreverent originals and selected covers and mash-ups coupled with his dry take on the human experience make The Matthew Show truly an unique experience not to be missed.

A new performer to myself and the Grind took the stage next, Senjata Witt, eclectic blues with hints of folk come through in her songs and voice, am really looking forward to hearing more from this performer.

Wald Schridde was our finale for the evening and the week, his one man renaissance band performances always such a treat, classic traditional folk songs beautifully accompanied by a range of instruments by Wald, guitar, autoharp, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, recorders, and whistles.

Hope to see all you Dirty Grinders turn out for our fabulous performers in the coming week……..

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