Weekly Grindings

Our weekly entertainment kicked off Wednesday with the fabulously unique Kinnagree – Smith, Jack, Lexie and Ira, always a special treat to have all three.

Next up was the one and only Winston Ackland, he really does have a gift for connecting with the audience, always one I look forward too.

Our finale for Wednesday, the silky voiced Doug Lind, rather than his more familiar performance on guitar, a rare piano set, very special finale indeed.

Thursday saw the return of Bat Masters to our stage, a newer performer to myself, really enjoying his interpretive view to the covers he performs and hearing more of his original work.

The awesomely unique Matthew Perrault was up next, I love his quirky dry originals and his mood switching covers like Mad World and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Our finale for Thursday was none other than my favourite Frogg and JayCatt, Effinjay, there original work is a firm favourite of mine, always look forward to a performance.

In a change to the scheduled programme our Sunday night line up started with Dusty Smythe, always a pleasure to get to enjoy the sexy tones and great guitar work of Dusty

The beautiful KatRose took the stage next with her delightful voice and smooth easy style.

The stream was next filled by wonderful guitar work and deep soulful voice of DennyMac, I do hope soon to hear a Denny & Kat dualstream……..(hint 😉

Next up was the oh so sexy voice of Mr Billy Thunders, still a newer performer to myself his originals already a firm favourite, also newly added to Radio Grind.

Or finale of Sunday and the week was the incomparable Reggie Sunset, that soothing voice and crisp guitar work a perfect and delightful ending to the evening.

More great peformers as always this Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday…..see you at The Grind 🙂

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