Field Trips Returning!

I am excited to announce that after our short break from posting field trips, we will be returning with a whole new system! 

Though a couple of our artists don’t have a calendar to share with us, everyone else will have their in-world shows posted here in our blog as well as in our group and subscriber. 
It was getting exhausting trying to be on contantly to announce shows, as well as stressful when we missed an announcement. It’s something we just don’t want to miss for you guys. We now have a bot for our in-world group so we should be able to cover shows that occur when we are not available. This way, we can schedule notices and Ian do them even when he is on break at work! 
That said, we still have not found a system like this for our subscriber. 
As a HUGE fan of Casper Warden’s truly incomparable work, I keep telling Brian that I wish he would come up with a both and subscriber as well! (If you somehow see this, Casper, HINT! HINT! XD)
Though we will still share our field trips with our subscriber group, we encourage everyone with available room for a group to join.
We love you all. Thank you so much for supporting The Dirty Grind family of artists. More big newness is coming soon, so STAY TOONED!
As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or are interested in hosting or other support, please contact Ian, Sapphire or me. 
Oh and here’s a photo of two cats (Zoe And Ox) just because

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