Monday 14 Sept Field Trips

Before we get to the field trips, we first wish to extend our thanks to all involved with SU2C. Of course, without the dedication, time, money, and so much more of Still Braveheart we wouldn’t be doing this. This is her baby and we are proud to be a part of this event.

To our artists and hosts, you make this happen for us! Thank you for sharing with us your talents for this cause that every being will benefit from.

And thank you to all of the donors for a wonderful evening Sunday and for supporting a really awesome cause!

We have TWO MORE WEEKS of SU2C and many of generous and gifted artists for you!

JUST tonight at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community, you have raised…


This is beautiful!

Thanks to each of you for your generous donations! We wish we could thank each of you personally, but the way the board is set up, we only see what you see-a total raised.

Please know you fill our hearts with joy. We have a truly awesome family!

We love you all!

We will be back with in-house shows on Wednesday, but as always have an awesome sim you can explore while listening to Radio Grind and make sure to check out our field trips!

We hope your week is off to a wonderful start! Here are your field trips for today to help it get even better 🙂

The Vinnie Show

The Matthew Show

Winston Ackland

TerryLynn Melody

Beth Odets
David Csiszer

Shannon Oherlihy

Benski Korhonen
Gypsy Dhrua
Reggie Sunset

Have a great day and happy listening!

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