LAST SU2C EVENT! Sunday 27 September, Stand Up To Cancer with The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community!

Hey all! Tonight is our final Stand up 2 Cancer event for this year! What a wonder two weeks and one day! Thank you to everyone who played with us and donated! We are almost to 200,000L’s!!!! Join us, bring friends or just their donations to help us surpass 200k and stamp out cancer! 

The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community and our family of artists are standing with musicians, doctors, volunteers and venues to find a cancer during all shows during this two week event. Join us on this final night of music and help us support a very worthy cause.

• 4 KatRose •
• 5 DennyMac •
• 6 Lyndon Heart •
• 7 Reggie Sunset •

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See you tonight! @
“…one of the friendliest communities around.”
-Linden Lab about Jasmine’s Hollow and The Dirty Grind from Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide

Recipient of three silver Avi Choice Awards.

We are a not-for-profit service organization to promote. encourage, and provide community to independent artists

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