Have a Very Dirty Christmas with The Dirty Grind!

In the heart of Jasmine’s Hollow’s 5th annual Hollow Days, treat yourself and loved ones to 100% live music, beautiful original art, and a full sim of winter fun at “…one of the friendliest communities around,” according to Linden Lab.

We invite you, your family and friends to join The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community family to celebrate this beautiful season of love, peace, joy, and friendship with many of best recording artists in Second Life. If you have not yet experienced our active community, sample our artists’ live shows as David Csiszer, Lyndon Heart, Gypsy Dhrua, Shannon Oherlihy and Senjata Witt orchestrate a day of Christmas favorites and cherished originals.


• 2 David Csiszer •
David Csiszer is a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist artist playing acoustic centered music flavored with different genres” sometimes splashing his electric guitar, bass, drums, keys, and banjo into the mix.. 

• 3 Lyndon Heart •
Lyndon Heart appears on SL’s premiere stages and brings his eclectic repertoire of acoustic rock, folk, funk, and blues to an avid flock of digital fans. With a playlist that encompasses originals, popular covers, and lesser-known gems, Lyndon’s shows are sure to include lots of your musical heart-shaped favorites!

 • 4 Gypsy Dhrua •
Dhrua’s warm, alto voice pulls listeners in as she engages the audience with earthy, entertaining originals and personalized acoustic covers from a wide range of eras. Her all-live shows are guaranteed to have you smiling and humming along.

• 5 Effinjay •
Frogg was a vocal jazz minor at college, while Jay studied piano for 14 years, and together as singer/songwriters they have produced a comprehensive range of heartfelt and memorable melodies and poetically lyrical songs. 

 • 6 Shannon Oherlihy •Shannon creates contemporary folk music with rich vocals and songs that resonate with a strong sense of the human experience. 

• 7 Senjata Witt •
Steady as a heartbeat, that’s how her guitar style’s been described, rhythmic, percussive, and punctual, with a voice like rose-petals steeped in bourbon. Folk, Blues, Traditional and original music, served up in her own special style!

We hope to see you here and hope you all have happy holidays!

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