Cuddle Up Day Pajama Party @ The Dirty Grind and Hollow Days

Hop into your favourite pajamas and warm, snugly gear as we enjoy three hours of 100% live music! Nestled within Jasmine’s Hollow, the grid’s first and only full-service Adirondack steampunk experience, The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community celebrates the arts in Second Life. While here, enjoy our 24/7 radio station, Radio Grind, galleries, listening booths, live music three days a week and so much more. After 5 years on the grid, we are still, “one of the friendliest communities on the grid!”

• 4 Agusto Napoli •

Agusto delivers an incredible show with each of his performances. He has a smooth easy style that makes fans of first time listeners.

• 5 Senjata Witt •
Steady as a heartbeat, that’s how her guitar style’s been described, rhythmic, percussive, and punctual, with a voice like rose-petals steeped in bourbon. Folk, Blues, Traditional and original music, served up in her own special style!

• 6 Shannon Oherlihy •

Shannon creates contemporary folk music with rich vocals and songs that resonate with a strong sense of the human experience. 

See you tonight!

We are a not-for-profit service organization to promote. encourage, and provide community to independent artists.

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