Awarded Best Unique Venue by Showtime Magazine!!!

We are so very honoured and freaking excited to hear The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community’s live music venue has received Showtime Magazine’s Live Music Award for Best Unique Venue, as well as ranked within their Top Ten Venue List! 
We set out to form a family of creative minds within the SL community who share a passion in their craft, a need to share their talents, and a love for the audience.  We are here to embrace the artistic community in Second Life and celebrate its greatness. We dreamed of providing a safe environment in which artists feel motivated to take risks and just have fun. What a journey this has been and continues to be! 
Ian and I wish to thank our artists and their management teams for taking a chance with us. You opened your eyes to a paradigm shift in the way music is presented in SL and flow with us as we expand our services and reach for what is new, unheard of and even seems totally nuts! 
To the amazing venue owners, managers, hosts, MCs, publicists and everyone else who gives their time, energy and heart to create our vibrant community, thank you. Without you, The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community wouldn’t be here and there would be a great energy and joy absent from the grid.
We also wish to thank our manager, SapphFire (someday I WILL spell your name correctly!), for her unrelenting support. She deals with Ian’s and my craziness, spaciness, and our last minute *brilliant* ideas as if we are actually sane and know what we are doing. We couldn’t do this without her! Welcome and thanks our newest member of the family, our MC, Tara Reardon. She added a new level of realism and innovation as our live streaming master of ceremonies that has been brilliant!
Of course, we would also like to give our thanks to everyone who comes out to savour the work of our artists at our venue and every venue in which they perform. Thank you for supporting their work, buying their albums and artwork, and sharing their genius with others. 
Finally, our gratitude goes to the people of Showtime Magazine. Thank you for supporting of the live music, arts and performance scene in SL. The work you put into it is greatly appreciated! Samuel and the entire team were a joy to have! I hope to continue to see you all in the future! 
Congratulations to all of the winners and everyone who makes our community thrive! 

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