An Important Note About This Week, Our Next Special Event and Reshare of an awesome blog post by Sinful Pixels!

While reading this post, I recommend you listen to Emotional Vampire by The Dirty Grind IAC’s Shannon Oherlihy/McMahon.

The single may be purchased from the links below and will also be on her upcoming album! 

Hey everyone!

After living with Brian in both first life and second life for the past few years, I’m still alive and I have decided to let him have his own space in my studio.  After all [Supposedly], one cannot live out of boxes forever! 
You may have noticed Ian and I have been a bit distracted this past week and we will be distractederererer…er…ererer…er for a tad longer. Therefore, Ian and I will be taking the next week off to work on the redesign of our first life space and the reclaiming my art studio for its intended purpose.
We will be back with announcing our field trips in-world as well as posting on this blog with in-house shows and field trips in approximately one week.
Our artists and their management are invited to post and send notices of their field trips in our in-world group, The Dirty Grind. As always, we also encourage them to post events on our Facebook page,
Additionally, we invite other group members to feel free to post shows by our family of artists in our group to help spread the word! 
We will still be offering our in-house shows during the week as long as we are able to have coverage from SapphFire and/or Tara. Artists and their teams will, of course, be notified of any changes to the schedule.
As always, we are short on host coverage. If you are interested in joining TDG family abd are reliable, please contact SapphFire, Ian or I.
Thank you all so very for your love and support! We love you!
Additional News!

Be sure to check out this blog post blog and stunning photos featuring Out of the Looking Glass|Into the Madness @ The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community​! Huge thanks to Sinful Pixels for spending so much time here and helping to spread the word about our sim!

Finally, mark your calendars for the 13th of February!!! We are finally having a VD

Join us for Dead Cupid’s Ball!

13 february, AD 2016

2-9p PT

Dress Code: Bwahahaha! Never

2pm Phemie Alcott
3pm David Csiszer
4pm Lyndon Heart
5pm Effinjay
6pm Shannon Oherlihy
7pm Senjata Witt
8pm Wald Schridde

Cupid is dead at The Dirty Grind, but passion and love for the arts will never wane. Join us with your partner in crime, not so secret admirer, group of friends, or enjoy just with us for seven hours of 100% live music at “one of the grid’s friendliest communities!”

The Dirty Grind Family of Artists:

Your Artists:
Winston Ackland
Wald Schridde
Toysoldier Thor
The Vinnie Show
the matthew show
Tallulah Winterwolf
Suzen Juel
Strum Diesel
Solana Python
Sina Souza
Shannon Oherlihy
Senjata Witt
Sassy Nitely
Ren Enberg & Quai Franklin
Reggie Sunset
Phemie Alcott
Naga Flow
Lyndon Heart
LaidBack Celt
Kiesta Aljon
KatRose Serendipity
Gypsy Dhrua
Etherian Kamaboko
Djoni TB
David Csiszer
Cosmic Haystack
Billy Thunders
Beth Odets
Benski Korhonen
Bat Masters
Agusto Napoli

Your Music Curator &
Master of Ceremonies: 
Tara Reardon
Your Event Manager &
Resident Dirty Fairy 
SapphFire Indigo
Founder of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community
Artist Liaison 
It’s Ian’s Fault!
Ian Witt (ian.mcconach)
Founder of Jasmine’s Hollow, The Rebakery and The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community
Designer and Sim Dresser
Person Who Does Stuff
Lisa Witt (Jasmine0Alaya)

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