The Dirty Grind’s Visual Arts Series presents: JudiLynn!!

We have an extra special show for you tonight at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community! Join us tonight for 5 hours of great music and enjoy the amazing work of our newest featured artist JudiLynn!

• Featured Artist JudiLynn •
JudiLynn has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. She studied art throughout school, Commercial Art in high school and Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. . After the turn of the century, She decided to focus my creativity on acrylic and digital painting and have totally enjoyed the journey.

Known in SL as JudiLynn India and RL as Judi Lynn, her mission is to share her vision and message as an artist with the global community.
Her work embodies her spirit and personality. Her goal is to allow you to experience the image with your own mind’s eye. Her work is entirely intuitive. She gets lost in the layering of texture and color. Occasionally, she will include figurative work if her spirit is so presented with the composition.
Just as there is order in the chaos of the universe, the energy within her is brought into focus one canvas at a time.

• 3 Bohemian •
Bohemian brings to SL his trusty Spanish Guitar and his interesting voice- heavily influenced by bossa, rock, jazz and flamenco.

• 4 Strum Diesel •
Sean began playing guitar and writing songs at 13. In 2008, he entered Second Life as Strum Diesel, sharing his craft in a live unpredictable setting, where listeners can hear what Sean is really all about. 

• 5 Suzen Juel • 
Suzen is an incredible singer songwriter and one helluva dirty ride! Suzen delivers an incredible show with each of her performances. She has a smooth easy style that makes fans of first time listeners. 

• 6 Ren Enberg & Quai Franklin •
Quai and Ren are advocates & musicians in both worlds. A mix of originals and covers with D/s, romantic, and erotic themes! Ren’s songwriting and singing style is soulful, bluesy, expressive, in your face, sassy, and smooth.

• 7 Etherian Kamaboko •

Etherian Kamaboko performs live acoustic/electric Roots, Blues, Americana, Classic Rock, Folk style of music with vocals, harmonica, and electric and acoustic guitars. A little of this and a whole lotta that. 

See you tonight! @
“…one of the friendliest communities around.”
Linden Lab about Jasmine’s Hollow and The Dirty Grind from
Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide

Winner of Showtime Magazine’s Live Music Award for Best Unique Venue
Winner of Showtime Magazine’s Live Top Ten Venue
Nominated for three Avi Choice Awards 2015
Nominated for seven Avi Choice Awards 2016

Featured in the Sim Street Journal #16: Visual Music
Featured in Windlight Magazine January 2016 Edition

We are a not-for-profit service organization to promote. encourage, and provide community to independent artists.

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