Saturday Feb. 27th Field Trips!

Here you go Dirty Grinders! Here is your Field Trip itinerary for Saturday, Febraury 27th!! Make sure to catch all of these amazing artists at these venues, buy their music , and tell all of your friends about them as well!

12pm Field Trip! Laidback Celt @ Ratatosk!

1pm Field Trip! Lyndon Heart @ JSP Lounge!

2pm Field Trips! Laidback Celt and Agusto Napoli!

Laidback Celt @ Moonlight Shores

Agusto Napoli @ Vincents

3pm Field Trip! Strum Diesel @ Meow Meow Lounge!

4pm Field Trip! NeoMaximus Brandenburg @ Helle’s Angels!

6pm Field Trips! Strum Diesel & NeoMaximus Brandenburg!

Strum Diesel @ The Olive Groove

NeoMaximus Brandenburg @ Gspot!

7pm Field Trip! Effinjay @ MacLintons Pub!

And of course you can catch all of The Dirty Grind Family artists on Radio Grind 24/7 @:

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