Crazy Socks for Stoner’s Wednesday, 20th of April, AD 2016

It’s Wednesday and the place to roll over that work week hump is here, at The Dirty Grind. Be sure to come ready in your favourite socks. Wear them high, low, plaid, polka dotted, on your head or in your nose—it’s Crazy Sock Day during today’s Stoner’s Wednesday shows!
While you’re here, be sure to check out the amazing work of our Featured Visual Artist JudiLynn, as well as the other artists in our galleries!

In-house Shows

4p Marqs DeSade

 Marqs DeSade’s strong, pure and deeply sensuous voice takes command and draws his audience into the stories and emotions of his songs. His music is influenced by classic rock forming his eclectic style.

5p The Vinnie Show

Vinnie pours his heart and soul into every song and Live performance ….hoping to give something to each person In the audience. The Vinnie Show is all about having fun together (and Boobs!)!

6p Kinagree-Smith

They fused the melodic modalities of the Irish music traditions with an American Folk rock feel. The sound was both unique, and familiar at the same time.  

7p Winston Ackland

Winston has a gift with connecting with his audiences as they relax in the cozy atmosphere his presence creates and enjoy innovative songs crafted from a blend of rock, bossa nova, folk, blues and jazz. 

Field Trips

12p Beth Odets Duels With Mason

1p The Vinnie Show

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