UPDATE Celeste and Barbara’s Anniversary Celebration and Gallery Closing Thursday March 5th LIVE @ The Dirty Grind!

This Thursday , March 5th marks the last show at The Jasmine’s Hollow venue, but don’t you fret , Lisa and Ian are in the process of reconstructing the sim and making it even more awesome than before. With that said, we here at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community invite you to join us for one final ” Hurrah ” at Jasmine’s Hollow! This will also be the last time you can view JudiLynn’s amazing artwork , so if you haven’t seen her work….now is the time to see it before it’s gone!! And don’t worry guys , Lisa and Ian have set up a temporary venue so that all of you lovely people can still see The Dirty Grind Family Artists on their regularly scheduled nights ❤ .

Also, Barbara and Celeste will be celebrating their 5th anniversary on the 10th. We will be taking tonight to wish them our love for this special occasion.


5pm The Matthew Show

Matthew takes an irreverent look at everyday life and writes songs about it, or finds ones that say what he wants to say.

6pm Effinjay

Frogg was a vocal jazz minor at college, while Jay studied piano for 14 years, and together as singer/songwriters they have produced a comprehensive range of heartfelt and memorable melodies and poetically lyrical songs.

7pm Lyndon Heart

Lyndon Heart appears on SL’s premiere stages and brings his eclectic repertoire of acoustic rock, folk, funk, and blues to an avid flock of digital fans. With a playlist that encompasses originals, popular covers, and lesser-known gems, Lyndon’s shows are sure to include lots of your musical heart-shaped favorites!

Field Trips! 

10am The Vinnie Show @ Cafe Musique


2pm Suzen Juel @ Wanderlust


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