Saturday May 7th Field Trips!

Hey there Dirty Grinders! We made it through Friday , so let’s get this Saturday kickin’ with some Saturday Field Trips!! Go to the venues , support the artists and have a good ol’ time! Just don’t forget to tell ’em who sent ya! 😉

8am Field Trip! Suzen Juel @ Guthrie’s!

2pm Field Trip! Agusto Napoli @ Vincents!

4pm Field Trips! David Csiszer & NeoMaximus Brandenburg!

David Csiszer @ Love Kats Praslin Isle/193/211/36

NeoMaximus Brandenburg @ Helle’s Angels

5pm Field Trip! Strum Diesel @ Meow Meow Lounge!

6pm Field Trips! Gweeb & NeoMaximus Brandenburg!

Gweeb @ Mojo Haven Delta/176/68/22

NeoMaximus Brandenburg @ Gspot

7pm Field Trip! Effinjay @ Maclintons Pub!

And of course you can hear all of The Dirty Grind Family Artists 24/7 @

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