Sunday May 8th Live @ The Illuminarium at Dirty Grind!

Hey there ya lovely bunch of Dirty Grinders!! We invite you to join us this Sunday, May 8th for two solid hours of musical Badassness!!! Bring your friends and jam out with us!!!

4pm NeoMaximus Brandenburg

For the best live music experience, Neo creates his own accompaniment tracks for his guitar playing and singing so he always plays live. He is also known for his acoustic shows.

5pm Laidback Celt

LB is a soulful, gravelly voiced rock singer, who accompanies himself on guitar. He loves to bang out the music he sings to as he puts his own unique flavor on each and every song. He’ll rock his ass off, belting out tune after tune while you do the chair dance! Come …listen …have a little fun!!! 😉

Field Trips!!

1pm NeoMaximus Brandenburg @ StageCoach

6pm Shannon Oherlihy @ Nitida Campfire

9pm Lyndon Heart @ AfterDark

10pm The Vinnie Show @ Afterdark

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