Thursday July 21st Live @ The Dirty Grind plus Info about TDG at Hair Fair!

Happy Thursday everybody!! We here at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community hope you are having a wonderful week! We invite you to join us this evening , July 21st for some Grade-A live musical entertainment! While you are here , make sure to take a gander at the awesome work of our Featured Visual Artist Bloo Ansar!

4pm Suzen Juel

Suzen is an incredible singer songwriter and one helluva dirty ride! Suzen delivers an incredible show with each of her performances. She has a smooth easy style that makes fans of first time listeners.

5pm The Matthew Show

Whether it’s a song about drinking and driving in Heaven, or an unconventional love song; Matthew sings about basically whatever he feels like singing about.    His shows are funny , entertaining , unpredictable and a guaranteed good time.

6pm Senjata Witt

Steady as a heartbeat, that’s how her guitar style’s been described, rhythmic, percussive, and punctual, with a voice like rose petals steeped in bourbon. Folk, Blues, Traditional and original music, served up in her own special style!

7pm Wald Schridde

Attending a Wald Schridde performance is like being a part of a highly enjoyable    interactive history lesson. Throughout the show , he takes you on an auditory adventure that paints a lucid picture .

:A message from Lisa:

The Dirty Grind @ Hair Fair!

I wanted to style this piece honouring Alice, the embodiment of children’s dreams and fears to help support giving other children a joy during such a scary time in their lives. You may
 wish to visit  Out of the Looking Glass|Into the Madness installation floating above our sim (and check back next week, after I make a few additions! XD)!

Be sure to visit the bandana booth at Hair Fair and buy your copy of our Out of the Looking Glass Bandana! It’s only 50L and all proceeds go to Wigs for Kids!

When you land, they are located in the house to the left (check out the image below).

Field Trips!

8pm Marqs DeSade @ Live Vibrations!

And as always you can hear all of these amazing artist & more @

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