Two great events that we are proud to be a part of!

The Dirty Grind/The Rebakery @ Hair Fair!

Lisa and I share a love for the the story of Alice Liddel, a story of imagination and wonder wrapped around a child’s decent into madness. 9 months ago she created the amazing Out of the Looking Glass/Into the Madness installation to honor the 150th anniversary of that story.

As a budding creator in SL (though she will claim that she does not create) when Hair Fair came along she chose to extend that theme into her submission for the event.

A note from Lisa:

I wanted to style this piece honouring Alice, the embodiment of children’s dreams and fears to help support giving other children a joy during such a scary time in their lives. You may
 wish to visit  Out of the Looking Glass|Into the Madness installation floating above our sim (and check back next week, after I make a few additions! XD)!

Be sure to visit the bandana booth at Hair Fair and buy your copy of our Out of the Looking Glass Bandana! It’s only 50L and all proceeds go to Wigs for Kids!

When you land, they are located in the house to the left (check out the image below).

Radio Grind Presents/ The Rebakery @ VS&HC Curbed event

I am particulary excited about this event because it features one of Lisa’s real life creations!
Our sister venue, Hotel Chelsea, and Virtual Soho,  the home of our very first Radio Grind Presents satellite, are hosting the Curbed event. Many of their amazing artists are taking part in this event in a set of unique and original mesh furniture featuring a piece of their art.
This event runs for July 28th -Aug 5th. You can find them all here: 
though be sure to stop by our Radio Grind Presents location to get a copy of Lisa’s submission. I may not be the most impartial critic, but I think it’s the best of the bunch. Plus, it’s a great price! 25L for the sofa and 50L for the entire set! They’re transfer, so stuck up for Christmas!

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