Sunday July 31st Field Trips!

It’s Sunday Funday ! That means it’s time to relax, spend time with the people you care about…and go and see some live musical performances! Here is your in-house Sunday Lineup as well as your Dirty Grind Family Field Trips!! Enjoy! And remember to check out the amazing artwork of our Featured Visual Artist Bloo Ansar!

5pm Thunderfoot Lorefield

Thunderfoot Lorefield brings a highly eclectic set, slicing through genres like a warm knife through butter. His years of experience in rock, country, folk and gospel are evident in his song choices, and in his light-hearted delivery. Each show is unique, and most shows will have something never heard at a TL show before, as his repertoire and arrangements remain fluid and surprising.

2pm Field Trips! Lexus Melodie & Effinjay!

Lexus Melodie @ Orchard Heights


Effinjay @ Woodstock

5pm Field Trip! The Vinnie Show @ Seaside Lounge!

6pm Field Trip! Shannon Oherlihy @ Nitida Campfire!

9pm Field Trip! Lyndon Heart @ After Dark!

10pm Field Trip! The Vinnie Show @ After Dark!

And as always you can hear all of these amazing artists and more @

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