Wednesday September 28th Field Trips!

It’s Wednesday and Hump-Day for all of us here at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community!! It’s time for your Wednesday in-house performances. Bring us your friends and family, and party with some of SL’s finest Live Musicians!! While you’re here, check out the awesome artwork of Johaness 1977!

4pm Strum Diesel

Sean began playing guitar and writing songs at 13. In 2008, he entered Second Life as Strum Diesel, sharing his craft in a live unpredictable setting, where listeners can hear what Sean is really all about. 

5pm Gypsy Dhrua

Gypsy is known by her peers as ” The Queen of the parodies ” , and with good reason.  She offers a very entertaining show that will leave you laughing and dancing along!

6pm Shannon Oherlihy

Shannon creates contemporary folk music with rich vocals and songs that resonate with a strong sense of the human experience.

Field Trips!

1pm Field Trips! Lexus Melodie & The Vinnie Show!

Lexus Melodie @ Wanderlust

The Vinnie Show @ Bonaventure

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24-7 @

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