Monday November 7th Field Trips!

It’s Monday Dirty Grinders! That means it’s time for your Monday Dirty Grind Family Field Trips!  We here at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community like to make sure you know the artist’s whereabouts , even when they are not playing in-house. Go to the shows and support these amazing musicians!

We have a couple announcements for you before we get to the Field Trips. First I’d like to invite you to visit Avi Choice Awards, voting is up until the 28th of November. I’d like to draw your attention to the following categories to pay special attention to:

Favorite Artist: Toysoldier Thor

Favorite Pop Singer: Phemie Alcott & The Vinnie Show (so wish I could vote twice!)

Favorite Singing Group: Effinjay

Favorite Female Singer: Phemie Alcott

Favorite Music Management Individual, Team or Business: Daallee Rhapsody

and of course while you’re there you can always thow us a vote  for

Favorite Music Venue: The Dirty Grind – Lisa Buttmonkey

Second I’d like to invite you to check out and share Suzen Juel on Indi!

10am Field Trip! The Vinnie Show @ Surfside!

11am Field Trip! Winston Ackland @ Surfside!

12pm Field Trip! Lexus Melodie @ Orchard Heights!

4pm Field Trip! David Csiszer @ G-Spot

5pm Field Trips! Laidback Celt & Shannon Oherlihy

Laidback Celt @ Cavern Club

Shannon Oherlihy @ Prim Economy

6pm Field Trips! David Csiszer & Thunderfoot Lorefield!

David Csiszer @ Anns Coffee

Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Beau Belle’s

7pm Field Trips! Effinjay, Gypsy Dhrua & The Vinnie Show!

Effinjay @ Free Spirit Farm

Gypsy Dhrua @ Merry Pranksters

The Vinnie Show @ Cavern Club

9pm Field Trip! Lyndon Heart @ Ecnad!

Have a wonderful day and happy listening! And as always you can hear all of our talented musicians 24-7 @  

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