Saturday Feb. 11 Field Trips with a Special Guest (of sorts)!

Happy Saturday everyone! The weekend finally arrived and it’s positively packed with great performances! You can find many of our live artists at Merry Pranksters, where they’ll be celebrating its 10 years in Second Life – so you have even more artists to discover and love! Follow them, support them and help make the music scene in SL greater than ever ❤

Feb field trip 11.png

10 am Field Trip: Gweeb @ Rainforest Club!

4 pm Field Trips: David Csiszer & Winston Ackland

David Csiszer @ Love Kats!

Winston Ackland @ Eternal Music! Laguna/51/77/30

5 pm Field Trips: Beth Odets & Agusto Napoli

Beth Odets @ Tiaki!

Agusto Napoli @ Merry Pranksters!

6 pm Field Trip: Effinjay’s Frogg @ MacLinton’s Pub!

7 pm Field Trips: David Csiszer, Beth & Twostep

David Csiszer @ House of Prayer’s Valentine’s Day Ball! of Prayer/113/96/36

Beth & Twostep @ Acoustic Cave!

8:30 Field Trip: Lyndon Heart @ Merry Pranksters!

9 pm Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ Merry Pranksters!

10 pm Field Trip: Beth Odets @ Merry Pranksters!


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