Tuesday Feb. 14 Field Trips!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Those of you on romantic dates, dancing to live music is a great way to celebrate – those of you who are unattached, live shows are the perfect opportunity to meet new people or just have fun with your friends 😀 Either way, everyone will have the chance to spend a fantastic day listening to amazing music!

Feb field trip 14.png

1 pm Field Trip: Winston Ackland @ The Commune Utopia!


5 pm Field Trip: Beth Odets @ Blarney Stone!


6 pm Field Trips: Shannon Oherlihy & Suzen Juel

Shannon Oherlihy @ Dakari Chill!


Suzen Juel @ Hotel Chelsea!


7 pm Field Trips: Suzen Juel & Winston Ackland!

Suzen Juel @ After Dark!


Winston Ackland @ Heart’s Desire!


8 pm Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ Bob’s Secret Island!


9 pm Field Trip: Lyndon Heart @ Villa Lobos!



And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24-7 @ Radio Grind !

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