Sunday 28 May Live @ The Dirty Grind!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today we have a new entry at the Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community – curious? Come and see for yourself! This Sunday is full of incredible live shows, from noon to bed time, so pick your favourites, grab your dancing shoes, call your friends and join us for hours of great entertainment 🙂

dg in house shows 28.jpg

4 pm Guitarhero Dougall

Guitarhero Dougall has more than 4 decades of experience in real life and has been playing in SL for more than 10 years. Using his vintage Gibson, he performs a variety of Classic Rock, Country, and Americana hits from the 50’s and 60’s to songs from this century – a gig not to miss!

5 pm David Csiszer

David Csiszer is a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist artist playing acoustic-centered music flavoured with different genres, sometimes splashing his electric guitar, bass, drums, keys, and banjo into the mix.

6 pm Suzen Juel

Suzen is an amazing singer songwriter and one helluva dirty ride! Suzen delivers an incredible show with each of her performances. She has a smooth easy style that makes fans of first time listeners.


Field Trips!

12 pm Field Trip: Bearsheart @ Inspiration!

3 pm Field Trip: Winston Ackland @ Frisky Beaver Beach Club!

7 pm Field Trips: Winston Ackland & Phemie Alcott

Winston Ackland @ After Dark!

Phemie Alcott @ Aubry’s Coffee House!

8 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Cafè Musique!

9 pm Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ Mason Jar! Moments/187/174/23

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