Sunday 25 June Live @ The Dirty Grind!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is filled to the brim with live shows, not to mention we have four amazing live artist awaiting you for our in-house shows! Don’t miss all the great music and please support SL’s arts scene 🙂

dg in house shows 11g.jpg

4 pm Guitarhero Dougall

Guitarhero Dougall has more than 4 decades of experience in real life and has been playing in SL for more than 10 years. Using his vintage Gibson, he performs a variety of Classic Rock, Country, and Americana hits from the 50’s and 60’s to songs from this century – a gig not to miss!

5 pm David Csiszer

David Csiszer is a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist artist playing acoustic-centered music flavoured with different genres, sometimes splashing his electric guitar, bass, drums, keys, and banjo into the mix.

6 pm Suzen Juel

Suzen is an amazing singer songwriter and one helluva dirty ride! Suzen delivers an incredible show with each of her performances. She has a smooth easy style that makes fans of first time listeners.

7 pm Jamba LosAngeles

Jamba LosAngeles performs music that haunts your heart with a smile. He plays a twelve string acoustic guitar and harmonica. His music has been heard regularly in Second Life since the beginning of SL time. Music that is “haunting in a beautiful way”. He covers songs that you have heard before, but not like this…


Field Trips!

12 pm Field Trips: Gweeb & Bearsheart

Gweeb @ The Concert Hall!

Bearsheart @ Inspiration!

2 pm Field Trips: Phemie Alcott & Benski Korhonen

Phemie Alcott @ The Grove! At TheGrove/158/179/22

Benski Korhonen @ Hearts Desire!

3 pm Field Trip: Twostep Spiritweaver @ SL14B’s Live Stage!

8 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Cafè Musique!

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