Friday 21 July Field Trips!

Happy Friday everyone! That pesky RL can take its toll on us, but it shall never stop us from enjoying the unquestionably huge amount of live music offered by SL! Buckle up because today there are quite a few, so you can choose venues and live artists for hours and hours of fun! They all work so hard to make sure you have a fantastic time, so please make sure to support them if you can ❤


2 pm Field Trip: Beth Odets @ Blarney Stone!

5 pm Field Trips: Phemie Alcott & Beth Odets

Phemie Alcott @ Indie Teepee!

Beth Odets @ Surfside!

6 pm Field Trips: Laidback Celt, Shannon Oherlihy, Strum Diesel

Laidback Celt @ Georgia Classic Rock Cafè! St/65/232/22

Shannon Oherlihy @ Nashville! Music Row/103/184/25

Strum Diesel @ Hotel Chelsea!

7 pm Field Trips: Effinjay, Lluis Indigo, Guitarhero Dougall

Effinjay @ Nashville! Music Row/103/184/25

Lluis Indigo @ Southern Comfort! Shore/190/191/733

Guitarhero Dougall @ Cafè Musique’s Open Mic!

7:30 pm Field Trip: Suzen Juel @ Sunshine Daydream! La/201/239/22

8 pm Field Trip: David Csiszer @ Club Zydeco! Ceres/160/62/25

10 pm Field Trip: Beth Odets @ Mason Jar! Moments/187/174/23

10:30 pm Field Trip: Guitarhero Dougall @ Sunshine Daydream! La/201/239/22

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