Monday 23 October Field Trips!

Happy Monday everyone! Today you have a choice to make because the bulk of live shows will be at 6! Which one will be the winner? In any case, quality live music and lots of lovely venues are a guaranteed win for everyone involved 😉 Make sure to let our musicians know how loved and appreciated they are!


10 am Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ Surfside!

3 pm Field Trip: Suzen JueL @ Blarney Stone!

6 pm Field Trips: Beth & Bat, David Csiszer, Shannon Oherlihy, Wald Schridde, Thunderfoot Lorefield

Beth & Bat @ Cavern Club!

David Csiszer @ Ann’s Coffeehouse!

Shannon Oherlihy @ Prim Economy!

Wald Schridde @ Brazen Head!

Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Beau Belle’s!

6:30 pm Field Trip: Guitarhero Dougall @ Blarney Stone!

7 pm Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ Cavern Club!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!

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