Monday 30 April Field Trips!

Happy Monday everyone! If you need a way to transition back to hectic routine, look no further: the whole day is liberally slathered with delicious live shows, and, if you are able, you can also help kids! So don’t dawdle, grab this list and dive in – let your friends know and show our artists how much you appreciate their work ❤


10 am Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ Surfside! Falls/151/73/32

1 pm Field Trip: Guitarhero Dougall @ Saddles Canyon Country!

2 pm Field Trip: Beth Odets @ Lavender Field! A Smile/73/142/22

3 pm Field Trips: Wald Schridde, Twostep Spiritweaver, Suzen JueL

Wald Schridde @ Tranquil Cafè! Falls/220/121/22

Twostep Spiritweaver @ Lavender Field! A Smile/73/142/22

Suzen JueL @ Blarney Stone!

6 pm Field Trips: David Csiszer, Shannon Oherlihy

David Csiszer @ Grace Coffeehouse!

Shannon Oherlihy @ Tranquil Cafè! Falls/220/121/22

7 pm Field Trips: Twostep Spiritweaver, The Vinnie Show

Twostep Spiritweaver @ Stargazer Cafè!

The Vinnie Show @ Merry Pranksters! Isle/136/127/55

9 pm Field Trip: Etherian Kamaboko @ Merry Pranksters! Isle/136/127/55

10 pm Field Trip: Guitarhero Dougall @ Keener Big W!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!

Sunday 29 April Live @ The Dirty Grind!

Happy Sunday everyone! Lots of amazing field trips await you today, as well as four awesome in-house shows! You will also have the chance to help people if you so desire, so call your friends and prepare for many hours of quality tunes to end your weekend on a high note 😀


4 pm David Csiszer

David Csiszer is a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist artist playing acoustic-centered music flavored with different genres, sometimes splashing his electric guitar, bass, drums, keys, and banjo into the mix.

5 pm Lluis Indigo

Lluis Garcia is a self taught musician who has been experimenting with music since he was 7 years old and performing since he was 14. Many know him as creator and builder in SL, but in 2017 he turned his creative focus to his real passion, music.
He is from Barcelona – Spain, in a region called Catalonia, so he loves to sing flamenco style called “rumba”, very typical there, but also creates relaxing and deep sounds.

6 pm The Vinnie Show

Singing current favourites to Classic Rock & Pop: those songs you grew up with and loved, songs you’ve newly discovered and some trending now… plus ORIGINALS – all acoustically, Vinnie pours his heart and soul into every song and Live performance… hoping to give something to each person in the audience. The Vinnie Show is all about having fun together!

7 pm Jamba LosAngeles

Jamba LosAngeles performs music that haunts your heart with a smile. He plays a twelve string acoustic guitar and harmonica. His music has been heard regularly in Second Life since the beginning of SL time. Music that is “haunting in a beautiful way”. He covers songs that you have heard before, but not like this…

Field Trips!

12 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo @ Brazen Head!

3 pm Field Trips: The Vinnie Show, Guitarhero Dougall

The Vinnie Show @ Homes for Vets at Veterans Isle! Isle/124/152/3501

Guitarhero Dougall @ The Night Owl!

8 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Cafè Musique!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!

Saturday 28 April Field Trips!

Happy Saturday everyone! Enjoy and have a great weekend!


11 am Field Trip: Lluis Indigo @ Mama’s Pub!

6 pm Field Trip: Effinjay @ MacLinton’s Pub!

7 pm Field Trip: Twostep & Bat @ The Old Train Station! District Golf/220/41/25

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!

Friday 27 April Field Trips!

Happy Friday everyone! The fun starts in the afternoon today, but there will be still plenty of field trips for you to attend to appease your desire of quality live music 😀 Let the tunes transport you safely and happily to the weekend, have fun and enjoy!


4 pm Field Trip: Guitarhero Dougall @ Hidden Desires!

5 pm Field Trips: Wald Schridde, Bat Masters

Wald Schridde @ Renaissance Island!

Bat Masters @ Surfside!

6 pm Field Trip: Jamba LosAngeles @ Hotel Chelsea!

7 pm Field Trips: Gweeb, Twostep Spiritweaver

Gweeb @ Mojo Haven! Delta/187/61/22

Twostep Spiritweaver @ PlanetAry! Valley/32/75/2075

9 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Kannonji Campfire!

Thursday 26 April Live @ The Dirty Grind!

Happy Thursday everyone! A slight change of schedule today, but you’ll still get your dose of amazing in-house shows and field trips! Enjoy the live music and, if you can, please show them your appreciation ❤


5 pm The Matthew Show

Whether it’s a song about drinking and driving in Heaven or an unconventional love song, Matthew sings about basically whatever he feels like singing about. His shows are funny, entertaining, unpredictable and a guaranteed good time!

6 pm Whirli Placebo

Whirli is a live musician and a quirky, eclectic, original songwriter. He enjoys keeping the spirit of music alive with a few tasteful and re-imagined covers as well, and takes pride in trying his best at creating original songs – if you like an artist who is willing to take a little risk and put himself out there, come and have a listen!

7 pm Wald Schridde

As “The One-Man Renaissance Band”, Wald creates layered, multi-track recordings of medieval and renaissance music: sing and play folk songs, traditional tunes and early music on guitar, autoharp, mountain dulcimer, recorders, mandolin, and penny whistle.


Field Trips!

12 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo @ Surfside!

3 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo @ Cool CATs! 2/126/192/3001

8 pm Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ VyBZ! West/192/188/28

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!

Wednesday 25 April Field Trips!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  To smooth things over for this Hump day I have plenty of live shows to offer you, so grab this handy list and enjoy many hours of quality live music in SL!



12 pm Field Trips: Guitarhero Dougall, The Vinnie Show

Guitarhero Dougall @ Saddles Saloon!

The Vinnie Show @ Commune Utopia!

5 pm Field Trips: Phemie Alcott, Bat Masters, Jamba LosAngeles

Phemie Alcott @ Black Diamond! Valley/115/125/22

Bat Masters @ PlanetAry! Valley/32/75/2075

Jamba LosAngeles @ The Beat Scene!

6 pm Field Trips: Effinjay, Suzen JueL

Effinjay @ Ruins of Deepmarsh!

Suzen JueL @ Whymsee Noir!

8 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Saddles Saloon!

9 pm Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ SolarWinds!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!

Tuesday 24 April Live @ The Dirty Grind!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Join us for one in-house show, plus all the amazing field trips that frame them up in a fantastic end result that it plenty of live music for you to enjoy!


6 pm Bearsheart

Bearsheart will treat you to a great show thanks to her diverse influences, spanning genres from Americana to African drumming, roots to rock, folk to funk and much more. With singer-songwriters like Linda Ronstadt and Mary Chapin Carpenter as inspiring figures, you can be sure her performance will be original and unforgettable.



Field Trips!

12 pm Field Trips: Lluis Indigo, Guitarhero Dougall

Lluis Indigo @ Whymsee Noir!

Guitarhero Dougall @ Shady’s!

5 pm Field Trip: Bat & Beth@ Blarney Stone!

7 pm Field Trips: Thunderfoot Lorefield, Twostep Spiritweaver

Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Whymsee Noir!

Twostep Spiritweaver @ Mojave Cafè!

8 pm Field Trip: The Vinnie Show @ Seaside Lounge! Falls/131/128/41

9 pm Field Trips: Guitarhero Dougall, Thunderfoot Lorefield

Guitarhero Dougall @ Merry Pranksters!

Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Stanza! Island/15/95/22

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!