Thursday 31 May Field Trips!

Happy Thursday everyone!


11 am Field Trips: Gweeb, Beth Odets

Gweeb @ Inspiration!

Beth Odets @ Surfside!

12 pm Field Trips: Gweeb, Lluis Indigo, Guitarhero Dougall

Gweeb @ Domina Palace Blues club!

Lluis Indigo @ Surfside!

Guitarhero Dougall @ Brazen Head!

2 pm Field Trip: Guitarhero Dougall @ Coffees!

5 pm Field Trip: Winston Ackland @ 1st Chapter Plaza!

6 pm Field Trip: Bat Masters @ The Old Train Station!

7 pm Field Trips: Twostep Spiritweaver, Thunderfoot Lorefield

Twostep Spiritweaver @ The Old Train Station!

Thunderfoot Lorefield @ Stargazer Cafè!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 @ Radio Grind!

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