Friday August 31st Field Trips!

Happy Friday everyone! If any of you are awake at dawn then Gweeb is the man for you, bringing you quality music starting at 5 am slt, but if not, don’t worry – the afternoon and evening are full of awesome live shows to enjoy!


5 am Field Trip: Gweeb at Cafè Musique!

5 pm Field Trip: Beth Odets at Surfside!

7 pm Field Trips: Gweeb, Twostep Spiritweaver

Gweeb at Mojo Haven!

Twostep Spiritweaver at Club PlanetAry!

8 pm Field Trip: Winston Ackland at Key West! %20Island/116/99/30

9 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield at Kannonji Campfire!

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