Sunday October 28th Live at The Dirty Grind!

Happy Sunday everyone! Let’s finish the weekend on a high note with three amazing in-house shows here at The Dirty Grind, plus field trips to keep you entertained both before and after! Join us for a great party, embellished by Silas Merlin’s art!


5pm Thunderfoot Lorefield

Thunderfoot Lorefield brings a highly eclectic set, slicing through genres like a warm knife through butter. His years of experience in rock, country, folk and gospel are evident in his song choices, and in his light-hearted delivery. Each show is unique, and most shows will have something never heard at a TL show before, as his repertoire and arrangements remain fluid and surprising.

6pm The Vinnie Show

Singing current favourites to Classic Rock & Pop: those songs you grew up with and loved, songs you’ve newly discovered and some trending now… plus ORIGINALS – all acoustically, Vinnie pours his heart and soul into every song and Live performance… hoping to give something to each person in the audience. The Vinnie Show is all about having fun together!

7pm Jamba LosAngeles

Jamba LosAngeles performs music that beautifully haunts your heart with a smile. He plays a twelve string acoustic guitar and harmonica. His music has been heard regularly in Second Life since the beginning of SL time. He covers songs that you have heard before, but in a unique way!


Field Trips!

12 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo at Brazen Head!

2 pm Field Trip: Lexus Melodie at Mystic Muse!

8 pm Field Trips: Thunderfoot Lorefield , The Vinnie Show

Thunderfoot Lorefield at Cafè Musique!

The Vinnie Show at Mythical Sanctuary!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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