Thursday August 8th Live at The Dirty Grind!

Happy Thursday everyone! Please join me in welcoming Marcell Xenga to his regular slot here at The Dirty Grind IAC! Check his great music out, spread the voice and stay for an amazing party 😀


6pm Marcell Xenga

Marcell Xenga has been performing in England for over 20 years in RL. He plays the guitar and harmonica. His specialty is music from the 70s. So if you like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty and the Rolling Stones, you don’t want to miss this amazing musician!

7pm The Vinnie Show

Singing current favourites to Classic Rock & Pop: those songs you grew up with and loved, songs you’ve newly discovered and some trending now… plus ORIGINALS – all acoustically, Vinnie pours his heart and soul into every song and Live performance… hoping to give something to each person in the audience. The Vinnie Show is all about having fun together!


Field Trips!

10 am Field Trip: The Vinnie Show at Duval Street Pub!

11 am Field Trip: Lexus Melodie at Duval Street Pub!

1 pm Field Trips: Lexie Luan, Lexus Melodie

Lexie Luan at Blarney Stone!

Lexus Melodie at Isle of Miracles!

5 pm Field Trips: Wald Schridde, Lexie Luan

Wald Schridde at Stargazer Cafè!

Lexie Luan at Duval Street Pub!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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