Friday December 6th – Carnival of the Arts VI at The Dirty Grind IAC: Day 1/3!

Happy Friday everyone! After many tribulations we are delighted to announce the sixth edition of Carnival of the Arts, complete with the reopening of our Gallery – and the Featured Artist for this occasion is the incredible Bryn Oh, accompanied by a long lineup of regular artists and guest musicians! Spread the news far and wide, don’t make any programs for the weekend and come to The Dirty Grind IAC for a special experience 🎊


1pm Lexus Melodie

Lexus Melodie is a British singer-songwriter whose performances combine great music, warmth of personality and a sense of humor in equal quantities.

2pm Naga Flow

Naga Flow is a creatively driven Musician in SL and RL. Writer, poet, artist, performance artist, cartoonist, surfer, and self confessed comic cartoon character who endeavors and aspires to keep himself away from oil / acrylics painting.

3pm Capos Calderwood

Capos describes his style like so: “People from the Northeast consider it country; people from Texas consider it folk; people from Nashville won’t even take the shrink wrap off the CD… I describe it as ‘Home cooked Texas style with humor for dessert'”. His love of music and performing spans decades even if RL derailed him a bit, so let curiosity get the better of you and come to take a listen 🙂

4pm Raspbury Rearwin

Staying as far below the radar as he can, he’ll Ninja surprise you with his sultry smooth take on the songs you forgot you loved and a few you never heard before. Gripping originals and covers you won’t recognize make for an hour of fun and aural pleasure 🙂

5pm Grace McDunnough

“A modern bard with sass and soul to spare, with an old guitar, rich lyrics and powerfully raw vocals that will leave your heart pounding.”
Grace McDunnough is a singer/songwriter and virtual world experience developer; she is dedicated to embracing immersive online platforms to deliver unique listener experiences.

6pm Jed Luckless

Jed Luckless is NYC area musician who performs original music and streams his shows in Second Life. His improvisational style has earned him the nickname Jammin’ Jed and this spontaneity makes every performance a unique experience for the listener.

7pm Jamba Losangeles

Jamba LosAngeles performs music that beautifully haunts your heart with a smile. He plays a twelve string acoustic guitar and harmonica. His music has been heard regularly in Second Life since the beginning of SL time. He covers songs that you have heard before, but in a unique way!

8pm Gypsy Dhrua

Gypsy Dhrua is known by her peers as ” The Queen of the parodies ” , and with good reason. She offers a very entertaining show that will leave you laughing and dancing along!


Field Trips!

9 pm Field Trips: Ren Enberg, The Vinnie Show

Ren Enberg at Paradise Desires!

The Vinnie Show at Mason Jar!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!



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