Sunday June 13th Field Trips and Hotel Chelsea’s Anniversary!

Safe Sunday everyone ♫ No shows today The Dirty Grind IAC because we want to support our sister venue, Hotel Chelsea, for its 13th Anniversary / Enola Rez Day Extravaganza! Two stages for ten shows to celebrate the arts 🙂 You can find all the events listed by clicking the sign here:

Roof Stage:
1p Mykal Skall

The original visionary, builder and founder of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea joins us for a rare, special performance in celebration of Chelsea’s 13th Anniversary and Enola’s Rez Day. He has performed in Second Life for over a decade. His solo work has been compared to such varied artists as Lou Reed, The Cure, and even Depeche Mode and Johnny Cash.

2p RoseDrop Rust

RoseDrop plays sensitive ballads, classic rock and roll, unusual covers, unique songs from personal friends, heartfelt originals accompanied by live guitar or piano. He’s also known for his provocative poems he likes to throw in the mix when the mood strikes!

3p Lyric Wolfsong

Lyric Wolfsong AKA-Jamesdean “JD” Emert is a live musician/singer/songwriter who has been performing in SL since 2007, playing classic rock, country, folk, blues and originals.

4p JAMBA Losangeles

Jamba LosAngeles performs original alternative/folk/rock music that haunts your heart with a smile. He plays 6 and 12 string guitars and harmonica. His music has been heard regularly in Second Life since the beginning of SL time. Music that is “soothing but haunting in a beautiful way.” Jamba also covers songs that you have heard before, but, not like this…

5p Matthew Perreault

There’s nobody like Matt, of, in SL. Matthew takes an irreverent look at everyday life and writes songs about it, or finds ones that say what he wants to say. His debut solo album, ‘texas,’ was released to wide critical acclaim. His songs have been featured on the PBS series ‘Roadtrip Nation,’ and NPR’s All Songs Considered!

6p DJ Soul Fingah

Soul Fingah is a respected and excellent DJ. His eclectic musical repertoire spans across the musical landscape.

Plaza Stage:

2p Gypsy Drhua

Gypsy Dhrua’s warm, alto voice pulls listeners in as she performs personalized acoustic covers from a wide range of eras. She weaves her life experiences into original songs sprinkled with meaningful and witty lyrics. Multi-instrumental, her all-live shows are guaranteed to have you smiling and humming along.

3p Moonman

Moonman plays acoustic guitar covers as well as original work. He has written music for many artists, including Kid Cudi’s 2013 hit Girls, a #3 smash on the Billboard Hot 100.

4p Jean Munro

Her music takes you from Jazz and up through the ages with a voice that is bar none, one of the finest. Her way of bringing the emotion of the music alive through her interpretation makes you ask for more. The way she brings you into her world in hope that you will feel the music the way she does, is what she strives for. She wants you to become one with her through her music. To know that music is healing brings up old emotions, it makes you laugh, it makes you dance, tap your toes, hum along or just simply sway as it washes over you.

5p Joe Paravane

Joe is an amazing singer-songwriter guitarist streaming from his studio in the San Francisco Bay area. Organic finger style guitar with a touch of piano and ukulele mixing rootsy American Folk, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Modern Rock and things in-between plus his own unique original songs!

11 am Field Trip: Lluis Indigo at The Blarney Stone!

1 pm Field Trip: Mandala Bee at Kickin Club!

2 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo at Fern Jazz & Blues Lounge!

4 pm Field Trip: Gypsy Dhrua at Haven Campfire Circle!

6 pm Field Trips:

Suzen JueL at After Dark!

Phemie Alcott at Pride At Home!

Thunderfoot Lorefield at Brazen Head!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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