Wednesday May 11th Live at The Dirty Grind IAC!

Safe Wednesday everyone ♫ Take a break from the outside world madness and join us at The Dirty Grind IAC to be entertained by an awesome line-up of talented musicians! Invite your friends and enjoy the music 🙂

3p Lluis Indigo

Lluis Garcia is a self taught musician who has been experimenting with music since he was 7 years old and performing since he was 14. Many know him as creator and builder in SL, but in 2017 he turned his creative focus to his real passion: music. Being from Barcelona, he loves to sing flamenco style called “rumba”, but also creates relaxing and deep sounds.

4p Dee Timeless

Dee’s guitar playing is second to none with vocals to match, providing a quality listening experience with a strong sound. He performs a broad range of covers, including fingerstyle guitar and singing in other languages, and likes to take listeners on a trip back to the past, and back again, without a seat belt. Aside from that it’s about fun! Dee LOVES to play music for people, and it is a great joy to reach a person’s soul, spirit, and mind through music.

5p Gypsy Dhrua

Gypsy Dhrua (Dhruvà) is a talented musician: she plays multiple instruments (guitar, flute, percussion) and is a publisher of independently produced music CDs and videos. Her rich, husky voice will take you on a journey through heartfelt originals and soulful covers that will mesmerize and entertain you.

6p Frogg Marlowe

Frogg has an extensive arts background, with a history rich in theater and musical performances. He has performed in many different theater productions, and is a vocal jazz minor at college with 14 years vocal training. Frogg discovered the live music capabilities of SL in 2005, and started playing shows on a regular weekly basis. His longtime friend Jaycatt began providing piano music breaks during Frogg’s shows, and eventually these breaks grew into longer sets – that’s when they began to collaborate and perform duets, becoming Effinjay.

7p Phemie Alcott

Phemie has been a singer-songwriter since 1993 and has loved playing in Second Life since 2007. Along with her RL performing career, she has enjoyed playing to people from all over the world here in this warm and supportive environment of SL music. Her songs are introspective piano based tunes.

Field Trips!

7 am Field Trip: Wes West at Cafè Musique!

12 pm Field Trip: Clairede Dirval at The Blarney Stone!

2 pm Field Trip: Wes West at Surfside Hideaway!

8 pm Field Trip: Jamba LosAngeles at The Beat Scene!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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