Friday August 12th Field Trips!

Safe Friday everyone ♫ If the work week has you down, today you have a fantastic soundtrack to help you get through the day with lots of awesome tunes – there’s something for everyone, from early morning to almost bed time SLT!

6 am Field Trip: Lluis Indigo at Cafè Musique!

10 am Field Trip: The Vinnie Show at Cafè Musique!

12 pm Field Trip: Dee Timeless at Midnight Cabaret!

2 pm Field Trip: Lluis Indigo at The Fern Underground!

5 pm Field Trips:

Dee Timeless at Cafè Musique!

Kaklick Martin at Hotel Chelsea!

6 pm Field Trip: Joe Paravane at Hotel Chelsea!

7 pm Field Trips:

Raspbury Rearwin at Miktopia’s Campfire!

Senjata Witt at The Fern Underground!

Twostep Spiritweaver at Club PlanetAry!

8 pm Field Trip: Thunderfoot Lorefield at Avian Retreat!

9 pm Field Trip: Dilah Halostar at Avian Retreat!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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