Wednesday December 14th Live at The Dirty Grind IAC!

Safe Wednesday everyone ♫ Join us at The Dirty Grind IAC to dance your Hump day blues away with excellent music 🙂

4p Reno Jones

Reno Jones’ singing and guitar playing defies all expectations. “A voice like golf balls in a dryer.”, and “You call this music?”, are just a few of the things critics have said about Reno Jones’ musical stylings. Mixing it all up in a blender, Reno Jones covers songs from the 1920’s to the 2020’s; from Louis Armstrong to Foo Fighters to Tom Waits to Radiohead and even originals, Reno adds his unique spin to all genres.

5p Clairede Dirval

Clairede Dirval is a great performer, an exceptional musician: she has a big voice, she has a big laugh, she has a big heart. Her playlist is huge and offers something for everybody. Her gigs are always spectacular; she is one of the hottest, most dynamic, most wild and most soulful performers in SL. Her RL career as a road musician for over 25 years is a huge benefit for all her gigs. She is just good! Simple as that.

6p Senjata Witt

Steady as a heartbeat, that’s how her guitar style’s been described: rhythmic, percussive, and punctual, with a voice like rose petals steeped in bourbon. Folk, Blues, Traditional and original music, served up in her own special style!

7p Twostep Spiritweaver

From Blues to Bluegrass, Beatles to Bach, Grateful Dead to Van Morrison and all the music inbetween, Twostep Spiritweaver weaves his way through all of it. He may play 30 minutes of pure blues followed by 30 minutes of sweet ballads and love songs, or he might just start playing to see where the music takes him.

Field Trips!

6 am Field Trip: Nigel Freeman at Blake Sea Playground!

10 am Field Trip: FlorizonaRichD at Cafè Musique!

12 pm Field Trip: Frogg Marlowe at Le Fabrik!

2 pm Field Trip: Mandala Bee at Nirvana Lounge!

And as always you can hear all of these talented musicians 24/7 at Radio Grind!

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