Brigitta (brigittacoral)

“I spend a lot of time in many different music venues in SL. The Dirty Grind is far and away one of my favorites.

The Dirty Grind owners search out some of the best artists in SL to perform on their stages. Even if I don’t know the musician, the fact that they’re performing at The Dirty Grind is enough of an endorsement for me to trust that I’ll enjoy my hour listening to them.

And the folks at the Dirty Grind go above and beyond in supporting their artists. They hire hosts that keep the conversation going and make people feel welcome. What also impresses me is that they promote the work their artists do no matter where they are performing. Whenever one of their artists perform elsewhere, they send out a notice over their groups with a landmark to the other venue. It’s a fantastic service both to the musicians and their fans.

They’ve also created a wonderful radio station that features the original songs that SL artists perform–creating something original and unique that isn’t available anywhere else.

Lisa and Ian are fantastic hosts who have created one of SL’s premier venues. There simply is nowhere else that does what they do and does it so well. They make live art possible in SL and promote it positive and active fashions.”