Celeste Ewing

“Second life music is an escapist experience of heartwarming friendship, amateur musicians that in many cases should be professionals, and benevolent venues that host these musicians in the hopes of sharing their passion with the virtual world.  My partner, Barbara Mixemup, and I have spent oodles of years watching many of these musicians grow as our friends and mutual lovers of music.  Some venues inspire lively chat with exciting people and gifted talent.  Each of these avatars hide the wonderful spirit of equally magnificent souls.  In Ian and Lisa, they conceal discerning gentle-people that actually enjoy and embrace a whole host of talented women and men that portray their own story or piece of the incredible picture in my mind that collectively interprets itself into the purest bliss and joy.  The Dirty Grind is an oddity and a gem all in one.  Their quirky decorations that oft change in the heat of the moment and at the whim of their chief devilish visionary that is Lisa inspire wicked visions. We love this venue and will as long as they will bestow it upon us.”