Kiesta Aljon

“Ian and Lisa and The Dirty Grind….

Simply stated….One of SL’s best places..  These two wonderful people are so truly devoted to the arts and music and they care so much about the people they work with.

I’ve performed as a musician and had my art in the Grind.  I know first hand how dedicated they are.  How friendly and inviting they have made their space here in this cartoon world.  And…its STEAM PUNK for goodness sake…lol.

Truly respect the hard work they put in and just love them to bits.

I have brought many people to the Grind over the years telling them to Landmark this spot and come back often….there is so so much great live music here.

After my art was in the Grind for a month, as a featured artist…I was inspired to make them a small gift of thanks, that came out as a gear-like Mandala.  I only mention this to show how truly thankful i was for everything they did.

Hugs and Bumps to both of you…thank you for letting me be a part of your world :)”