Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody)

“To Whom It May Concern:

If you’re reading this you must have an interest in The Dirty Grind, a Live Music Venue and Artistic Community in Second Life. I’m one of the artists lucky enough to perform there. If you have a few moments I’d like to share a few thoughts & reflections on The Grind and express what their support has meant to me since I’ve been involved with them.

I started performing in SL back in 2012. I have been a Second Life resident since 2006 but never got around to putting together the right setup to stream live online until 5 and 1/2 years later! Anyway, once I started I began to work my way through many of SL’s fine live music venues. I began to realize there was an “X factor”….an intangible, special thing some venue owners possess that can’t really be put into words. It’s not a matter of drawing crowds or having clever decor. It’s not a matter of how much they pay artists or how they go about their promotion. It’s an indescribable “magic” that makes the attendee feel like “this is the place to be….this feels like the real thing.” NEVER in the metaverse have I experienced a live music venue as “real thing” as The Dirty Grind.

Like it or not, Second Life is another “social media”. Yes, we have environments and avatars, but it’s just as much about interacting with other people as any social media service. The first thing that struck about the Dirty Grind’s approach was how rooted in communication it was….interacting with artists and fans alike. For example, The Dirty Grind Group issues promotional announcements for my shows AT OTHER VENUES! Simply unbelievable! Not only do they provide an optimum atmosphere in which to present my music to a live audience over the internet, they also try to insure my attendance is optimum when I’m elsewhere. This is pure generosity, understanding, and a dedication to ART….instead of making it all about numbers and business and money.

Then there’s “Radio Grind”.

The owners of The Dirty Grind Community, Lisa & Ian, have put together an internet radio station for SL artists to promote our original material. Now, the songs I’ve written & recorded have a worldwide audience. It’s impossible to express how much this has meant to me. Another example of what their dedication and generosity has meant to me personally – I won the 2016 Avi Choice Award for Best Original Music Artist, as well as the award for Best Acoustic Artist. Radio Grind certainly had much to do with that because even people not regularly attending my shows were hearing my material and requesting their favorites. Certainly many of them voted for me – again, enriching my Second Life and overall experience as a musician.

To conclude, perhaps a portion of that magic “intangible” thing Dirty Grind does so well has something to do with “the right way” versus “the wrong way”. Not only does Dirty Grind do it “the right way” …..they have written the book on many things included in “the right way”. I’m both humbled and grateful for what they’ve done for me as an artist.

Lastly, the venue itself is a work of art….many, many hours have certainly been put into the design, concept, and construction. It’s an inspiring place to play & I wish them many years of success.

Written With Much Love,

Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody) ♥”